From lovely Reno, NV, I appeared alongside a panel of freight forwarders courtesy of Amerijet to discuss the needs we have, as forwarders, when IMG_5118choosing and using a carrier for international cargo. Topics included current events concerning air freight, customer service, and awareness of some issues that pester our industry.


Absolutely the key part of air freight and forwarding revolves around the customer service given by carriers. Response time remains the most crucial issue we face. All forwarders need a rapid response either by email or phone. Direct account representatives we can contact to handle a booking, reserve space, and confirm spot pricing and rates are invaluable. All air freight is time critical or it would be ocean freight. Complicated phone menus or lengthy hold times are detrimental to air cargo.


It’s not difficult for customers to find someone to move their cargo. In reality, we are not selling space or shipping, as forwarders. We are selling information, convenience, and security. We depend on our carriers to provide us with information so that we may disseminate that back to our customers to update their expectations about their cargo. Staying ahead of issues and providing solutions is why customers remain with us. Carriers who stay ahead of questions by providing true and timely reports help us solve issues before they become problems.


As forwarders provide solutions for our clients, so too should the carriers. We have all experienced shipments that bumped or couldn’t be booked because of space issues. We prepare for those times with innovative ideas, changes, and solutions so customers are aware of the ways we can provide exemplary service and carriers must assist us in those solutions. As the first line of information about alternatives, we depend on carriers IMG_5139to give us options we may not have thought of. Are there other airports that have planes with space? Is there an option to split a shipment? When we all work together we can do amazing things.

The Q&A was moderated by John Nash, Amerijet CFO and Joan Canny, General Counsel to Amerijet and I was joined by Kai Kittshcer, Zailee Ocampo, and Wally Greenidge. KFS is honored to have been a part of such a diverse group of thought leaders and we welcome more solutions as our relationship with Amerijet continues to grow past its 20th year.