2016 Training, documentation and legal updates.

2015 wood number year change to 2016 year in white studio room, New year conceptWe’ve reached the pinnacle of the peak season this week. All the long months of preparation, the breakneck speed of business during the final quarter will draw to a close that can feel as though the door to workflow has slammed shut on us. It’s not uncommon to return from Christmas holidays and feel a little out of sorts as the days tick down to New Years. What was, just weeks ago, a crushing and seemingly insurmountable mountain of work is now a trickle of loose ends leaving our days longer and at times, even more frustrating. At KFS we look forward to each new year and new project. As you move into the new year, here are some tips and projects to keep you busy in the slow days ahead.




One of the most crucial deadlines we face in logistics is not the ETA, but the expiration date of our training. Hazmat, IATA, IAC, and internal corporate training often runs in yearly intervals that expire every twelve months. Many companies have those dates coincide with the flipping of the calendar to act as a reminder. These next few weeks are perfect for requalification, study and testing. Ask your managers and human resources if you can get a head start or need to finish up anything for the end of the year so you start 2016 ready for new work and not stuck waiting for new certifications.




Our industry is run on current and correct documents. Beyond BOLs and customs documents, we are at the mercy of updated vendor, shipper and commodity documentation. This is a great time of the year to check client files and make sure you have current and correct information on file. Does your company need POAs from shippers? Are the SED filing documents in order? It’s always better to proactively check and investigate these crucial documents before you have cargo on hand and waiting for new pages.



Legal Changes.iStock_000068187805_Small

Every year, no matter how we wish it were different, we face new changes to laws and legalities in logistics. Some states face new trucking restrictions, some countries will change their import/export laws and documentation necessities.  Not only is this a great time for study, it’s the best time of year to prepare a company calendar to show people when those laws go into affect and how they will effect your office.


These are just some of the projects we will be working on at KFS this week and next. We’ll be in the office to answer any questions you have and assist you in every way for 2016. As we move into the new year, we wish you happiness and prosperity.