Have you considered becoming a KFS agent?

Becoming a KFS agent offers a number of benefits to your company. We can help you streamline your work and expand your customer base while helping to protect your company as it starts to grow. We offer financial, logistic, and software backing that can rapidly help expand your business and offer a secure network of an established agency. By reaching out to KFS you can find out even more ways that joining the KFS team can help.

There are financial benefits to joining KFS as an agent. We offer insurance coverage as part of a large network, utilizing discounts and the backing of our name. We have mediation assistance if there’s a dispute and state of the art software to assist your company in organizing and optimizing the flow of cargo.

aboutus-imageHowever, beyond the financial benefits of being part of an agency, there are innumerable benefits to the logistics customer when smaller companies join freight networks. By its very definition, logistics is an industry of location and information. What we sell is information, access and accountability. Being involved with a solid and strategic network gives added control and visibility to the shipper, providing access to tracking and network services and, most importantly, a far more competitive price, when the network can use its volume to negotiate on behalf of their many customers.

Becoming a partner or subsidiary of KFS grants huge industry benefits and stabilization, utilizing both the local offices we’ve networked to source transportation and the distant destination offices with whom we have strategically partnered.