The Explosion in Tianjin Highlights the Importance of Proper Hazmat Training


Just a few weeks ago, social media and news outlets broadcast horrific videos of a logistics park in Tianjin, China where stored hazardous materials exploded and tossed containers into the air. More than a hundred people were killed and 720 injured when two explosions erupted; the first with the power of three tons of TNT and the second with twenty-one tons of TNT. The theory of how this happened starts with a small fire that may have been treated with water, which then interacted with calcium carbide and became highly explosive acetylene.

It’s there that we start our discussion. Hazardous material safety is a crucial and demanding part of working in the logistics industry. The certification process is lengthy and often complicated with later assistance and information from hazmat professionals being expensive and slow. However, working with a professional, with hazmat certification and a strong grasp of the concept and a proven track record of safety and knowledge, is one of the most invaluable connections to have. We have all stood at the beginning of a shipment or project and thought about how complicated it would be, how detailed the documents would be and how many headaches would arise from this cargo, especially when the cargo is hazardous. There are no shortcuts.

We at KFS pride ourselves at being the first and strongest line of information on your hazardous shipments. We are certified and experienced in each level of transportation, including truck, ocean and air shipments. KFS understands how daunting it can be to ship hazardous materials and how important it is to have a team that’s qualified to support you in this time. Please feel free to call us with your questions and concerns on any shipment. We’re on your team and safety is paramount to all of us.