Introducing, KFS El Paso, TX

KFS El Paso is one of the jewels in our crown, serving the West Coast and Mexico efficiently and effectively by strategically using our long time 20160129_110000presence and powerful relationships to access a level of service unparalleled in the market. With 130,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space and a 33 ft. high ceiling, 36 dock doors, and 24/7 security monitoring we can prepare ocean, air, domestic, cross dock, and bonded cargo. A steady flow of materials from Asia, bound to Mexico, passes through our doors which reduces transit times and waiting periods.
20160129_110454The El Paso branch of KFS, Inc., is strategically located to move maquiladora cargo into and out of the free trade zone for assembly and manufacturing. Considering the volume of raw materials that arrive in Los Angeles both by ocean and air that are intended for processing in Mexico, an El Paso location is inherently valuable. An El Paso location with a strong domestic trucking base increases that value for cargo that is both entering and returning from our southern border to be disseminated around the United States. Our trucking experts can handle the most complex, overweight, oversized, and awkward cargo.
Where most cargo is held in Los Angeles for consolidations, we are able to shave days off the transit time by using our Los Angeles location to hold and clear cargo and keep a consistent flow of traffic into El Paso where it will immediately load as cross dock shipments bound for the machiladoras. Our goal is to eliminate the down time and waiting time to which so many shipments fall victim. Using a constant flow of trucks in and out we can save time for both air and ocean cargo, keeping your freight moving when others are standing still.
As with all branches of KFS, Inc., we pride ourselves on impeccable customer service. Regardless of size or complexity, we strive to serve each 20160129_110555customer individually according to their specific needs and build a strong one-to-one relationship. We are proud of the longevity we have with customers spanning more than a decade and use that longevity to constantly evaluate their needs and how well we are serving them. Making our customers part of the conversation establishes an open and honest communication where we find ourselves ahead of troublesome situations. KFS provides solutions for issues before they become problems, often negating the problems ahead of time.