KFS Talks Disaster Preparations

First and foremost, our thoughts and well wishes are with the people of the great state of South Carolina. They are a strong and resilient people who have been hit with some difficult weather. We’d like to take a moment to discuss ways our clients can preemptively prepare for a disaster with their logistics provider. In many cases, understanding your provider’s plans will help to give peace of mind in the event your cargo is in an area that is in jeopardy.

The first step is simply to talk about the emergency plans in place with your warehouse and logistics offices. Disasters happen and that’s a difficult fact of life, but being prepared, insured, ready, and knowledgeable about the issues in your area can help. Determining the nature of any event can help in advance. Are you in an area of flooding like our friends in South Carolina? Is it an area that has a strong tornado season? With KFS as your logistics provider, you can be assured your cargo is well protected from any weather or emergency issues that can occur, regardless of the location. The USA has a varied and majestic terrain with different weather needs across the country and at KFS we remain prepared and steadfast to handle each of them.

business man holding an umbrella and standing with cloudburst background

Disasters happen, KFS is ready.

Always talk with your provider about their insurance and your liability in case of a disaster. The coverage you need in the event of a total loss can help you determine the best way to store and move your cargo. Discuss the building, the area, the escalation of events and what safety precautions are available so you can make sure your own insurance coverage applies to any gaps or any liabilities you have. Always make sure you know you are covered.

Once you’re covered by your insurance and you understand the nature of your provider’s plan, let’s discuss the topography of the area and the ways your cargo will move in and out by truck, rail, port, and plane. Could a flood cause the bridges to become unusable? What happens if a tornado destroys a rail hub? KFS works with you to create backup plan and advise in advance what delays you could face so you can communicate to your clients the effects to timelines and back up plans they need in place or changes they should prepare for in the event of a disaster or a loss. Even if your cargo isn’t damaged, timelines for shipping may be compromised. At KFS we make sure to have plans B, C, D, and E in the works to provide you and your clients with alternatives to decrease any delays and work around the elements.

Our staff at KFS is here to advise on your cargo and shipping needs. We have strong plans in place to prevent and mitigate any losses or delays caused by nature and are happy to discuss ways to prevent issues with you at any time. Again, our hearts go out to the people of South Carolina and we offer support and assistance to them during this time.