Notes from the road – Steve McDaniel in China

It has been a very enjoyable trip through China and Hong Kong so far.

This is my fortieth to the region over my career; and each one takes on its own characteristics. This has been one of meeting new people and opportunities while keeping old friendships strong and stable.

Due to China’s Great Firewall, it can be difficult to communicate directly with the outside world; so we were at a loss during our time in China for digital communications.

In Hong Kong as I am now for the WCA meetings, I’m happy to share pictures from last week.

Steve McDaniel and Billy Du of EverOK

At dinner with Billy Du, President, EverOK Group in Shanghai.

Dennia Yang and Wendy Wan from Gemmy Enterprises in Shenzhen, China

Dennia Yang and Wendy Wan of Gemmy Enterprises, Shenzhen, China.


At Global Sailing in Hangzhou, China.

At Global Sailing in Hangzhou, China.

Steve McDaniel and Will Wang of Everest International of Wuhan

Enjoying time with Will Wang of Everest International, Wuhan, China.