Steve McDaniel in China for agent development

Next week, Steve McDaniel, our Senior VP of Global Business Development will be touring China looking for agents to provide services to and from many of China’s up and coming so-called “Tier II cities”.

His schedule for the week is:

Jan 26: Shanghai, Chengdu
Jan 27: Hangzhou, Chongqing
Jan 28: Nanjing, Chongqing
Jan 29: Wuhan, Changsha
Jan 30: Shenzhen, Hong Kong

In these cities, Steve and the team are holding town-hall style meetings to present KFS to these agents and to find people to service the needs of KFS importers and exporters from around the United States.

This trip actually marks Steve’s fortieth to China / Southeast Asia during his professional career. He also spent time as an Adjunct Professor in China before joining KFS.

To learn more about what the team is hoping to accomplish, you can read the press release here. If you want to contact Steve to participate in one of these town hall meetings, you can do so by email at